Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life's latest hiccup

Saturday Feb 21st, my harddrive crashed. I had already implemented automatic backups, so the only data I lost was the graphic files I had been working on that morning. I had to reformat and reinstall Windows. Thanks for that birthday present. :p

As of today, my birthday, I have downloaded all my data files from and off the D drive. Unfortunately, I never considered saving all the program files so I still have to reinstall all my programs. I'm trying to cut that list down and I'm also trying to find the data files I don't have to have on the harddrive. I had previously cleaned out My Pictures and My Podcasts, now it's time to be ruthless on some other folders.

Unfortunately, since I don't have the programs available to me, I haven't been doing everything I need to do like finances and the Faulkner paper. I hoping to at least reinstall one program to make a dent in those piles tonight.

Yeah, I think I'm going ahead and buying the external harddrive soonish instead of trying to hold it back for a reward. Apparently I need more storage space.

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