Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Conquering Procrastination

*Snort* I meant to start this post yesterday. Yeah, the patheticness of that is not lost on me, thanks.

So strategy to conquer the procrastination? Do I even have one? Can I even implement one?

I’ve gotten really good at making my weekly to do list, and recognizing what Big Rocks and everyday chores need to be done. The problem is I’ll still leave it on the list for weeks not doing it. Scolding myself is ineffective and nagging guilt sends me running to something that doesn’t make me feel guilty. Which just keeps the procrastination ongoing.

I will admit to piling too much on my plate. I just counted up eighteen things that qualify as Big Rocks on this week’s to do list, but only six are identified as Big Rocks. Frell. So how come whenever the “too much to do ack! Runaway!” is tripped, it doesn’t alert the rest of my consciousness? A memo would be nice.

Okay, so let’s by shuffling the to do list. From an older copy of the file I had on the flash drive no less. Now on my current printout, correctly identify all Big Rocks. Next step is to make a space big enough on the sheet to hold them all. Now I need to tweak the format so it will print out on one sheet.

That done, and now the Big Rocks don’t seem to be panic inducing. I still have too much on the list, but all in one spot instead of scattered on different days gives me the illusion of control at least. I’ll take it. So now that they are in one spot, what is wrong that I keep not doing them?

Finances: 7
Planning reviews: 3
Writing: 3
Exercise and Health: 3
School: 2

Why is it finances that seem to be the big honking one I don’t do? I obviously need to move some of those to the Master List of Finance Projects to get to later.

In less serious news, I finally have enough money to complete the set of plastic stackable drawers of doom for my home office, Sterlite quit making them. I even checked their website. Which totally sucks because I already have four and have not found a replacement style that stacks with those four for the other seven I want.

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