Monday, August 04, 2008

Return to Normal, I think?

Finished with editing TinMan: Dragons and Ninjas yesterday. Now I've been in a recovery daze trying to mind sweep for everything I've shoved aside in my mad writing dash. Good news, it doesn't seem to be that much. Mostly getting back on the routines, though in my case more like routine making.

As much fun as the writing storm was, I need to still do other things. It comes down to I can have the writing storm but only after I exercise and pay the bills.

Stupid responsibility.

Vacation was pretty restful for the most part. Dolly rained us out of going to San Antonio's Sea World. I wanted to take Atticus so bad. He has a stuffed animal of a dolphin and knows what it is. Well, Sea World isn't going anywhere.

Course I think he's the smartest two-year-old in the whole world, even if he has trouble with Aunt Kindra. I think we finally settled on Aunt Kin or just Kin, after he teased me with calling me "golf" and "car." Yeah, Atticus thinks he's a comedian already.

And he got real golf clubs for his birthday. [Post video] I don't know how long their TV is going to last.

Hellboy II
Abe: (refusing a beer Hellboy offers) No, my body is a temple.
Hellboy: And now it's an amusement park. Drink.

What an awesome sequel. Words fail me. You have the gorgeous fairy tale that's dark and beautiful at the same time combined with the irreverent working Joe attitude that is Hellboy. Magic happens when they collide. I still want to write the fantasy that del Toro will want to film.

They worked in a reprisal for John Hurt as Professor Bloom and kept him dead. And gave an explanation for Myers disappearance. I missed him, but it made character sense.

And Liz is such a great superhero. She is confused and conflicted by her man demon on a daily basis, but when his life is on the line she choses him and still saves the world. Which does lead me to Hancock.

"Call me asshole one more time."

I have ran across feminist complaints of being annoyed that the fictional character they admired most has a penis. Implication if not out right said is the leading lady wasn't worth the admiration or placing in role model status. I always kind of shrug off statements like that. "No I wouldn't want to be Pepper Potts, either, but she is smarter than her boss to recognize when they're in over their heads." was my opinion on Iron Man.

When I saw Hancock, I suddenly got it. Hancock the misanthrope and slowly finding a purpose was good. Ray's hero moment in the hospital was cheer worthy. However the character Mary annoyed the crap out of me by the end. "Why aren't you being a superhero too, bitch?" was pretty much all I could think of during the credits. Which was my first response at Occasional Superheroine.

And I kind of got called on it repeatedly in the post. My point being is if Mary was tired of being a superhero or just wanted a normal life--both worthy goals--SHE SHOULD HAVE HAD LINES STATING IT. As far as movie holes go, it ranks up there with nobody introducing Bail Organa in Attack of the Clones. I blame the character less than I blame the writers and director.

The Dark Knight blows every other movie this year out of the water. Celluloid Heroes has the best review. If you ever thought the "superheroes as modern myths" was a lot of academic bullshit, go see this movie. It coils together terrorism, response to it, personal responsibility, sacrifice, and the beauty of humanity into a roller coaster of a ride.

And now there are rumors that Johnny Depp might play the Riddler. That would make me very happy. Also I can't wait for their interpretation of Catwoman.

So what else is going on? Weight maintained for two weeks at 184 pounds. I know the issue is lack of exercise. Heat makes me avoid the porch gym, and when it's 80 degrees before the sun rises, ugh. So either I'm going to have to switch to yoga or move the weight bench inside. Haven't decided which yet.

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