Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just figured out what the ache really is

For a while now, I have had an off-and-on ache right under my jaw hinge that would sometimes move into my ears. Nothing shooting and stabby, just feeling swollen and like my ears were clogged. I always figured it was my sinuses draining funny or maybe something was wrong with my ears.

Well, I finally get back into the dentist last Saturday (don't ask why it took so long, it's a stupid story) and they tell me the gingivitis still hasn't cleared up and give me a free toothbrush with a much smaller head than the one I currently brush with. The dentist had a great demonstration. She stuck her fingers to my back molars. "You are not getting those with your brush. I can barely fit my fingers there."

Yeah, irony of my life. I have so much to say and cursed with a tiny mouth.

So I switched to the new smaller brush last night. And I hit the two bottom back molars. Holy Toledo, I think the last time I spit out that much blood I had a tooth pulled out. But the only swollen gums I have (sign of gingivitis) surround my bottom back molars. This morning under my jaw hinge feels swollen and my ears feel slightly clogged. Both areas right next to my swollen gums.

So the good news is I don't need tubes in my ears. That just sounds wrong for someone over thirty. Now I'm going to do some searching to see what I can take to reduce the swelling.

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