Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hurricane Gustav will probably make landfall tomorrow

I'm not running this time, staying at home, so I won't have the hassle I had after Katrina getting back to work. Though I doubt I will be able to get back to work until Thursday since Baton Rouge is going to have hurricane force winds too.

However worse case scenario with work: the Department of Insurance back up location is in Alexandria. There is no way I can commute from Pumpkin Center to Alexandria. If I got assigned to it, I'd probably have to move to my sister's in Natchitoches and commute to Alexandria (depending on how feasible that is). I just don't want to get assigned to the call center again. I hated it.

Right now, I'm backing up My Documents to my website, starting with stories first. I really need to set up an online harddrive backup, but I will set that up after dealing with Gustav. And I'm cleaning house so I'm not sitting at the computer all day. Plus you can't vacuum if the electricity goes out.

I may get some more blog posts up that I haven't typed up yet, but I'm hoping to use the down time to work on fiction. Down time is after I finished cleaning house and finished off my Big Rock list.

Not too stressed out about it yet. I'm not too worried about flooding out of my home. We can get cut off; it happened before in the 80s, but Dad has a boat.

Holy shit! Obama called in WWL! And I guess I'm glad Bush is actually paying attention this time. He's supposed to monitor in Texas. Yes! Priority commitment from Obama to rebuild our wetlands.

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cat said...

It's Thursday, so Gustav's been and gone- are you and your family all right, luv? Or just sans power?

*whistles nervously* No, I'm not worried. Really. Really!