Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting up schedule needs some work

I woke up at 2am this morning. Alarm doesn't go off until 3am. So at 3am, I'm hitting snooze 'cause I'm just getting back to sleep and don't wanna get up. I crawl out of bed just before 4am, putter around for thirty minutes before waking up enough to realize I'm supposed to be a writing project, so I only get thirty minutes of writing in before getting ready for work. Clearly, the waking up thing needs working on. I'm not getting out of the bed at 2am. 3am is plenty of time for yoga to unstick my back, writing for an hour, and getting ready with some housework tossed in. Better luck tonight, I guess.

This weekend had the annoying joy of computer maintenance and figuring out what to do next. Computer maintenance wasn't anything serious, luckily. I finally got in a good spot to get automatic back-ups of my harddrive working. I think it's working now, but I should have a better idea tomorrow morning. Since I was doing that, I also worked at things to hopefully make the computer run better.

But you would think after a whole week of writing down what I think needs to be worked on and doing nothing on the list, would mean figuring out what to do is so much simpler. Maybe for other people. I had two episodes of pulling at my hair convinced everything had to be done NOW before I calmed the monkey mind. It took two days--Saturday was really disjointed--but I have my projects and next action steps wrote down and Big Rocks for this week mapped out. It's pretty painful this week, but that's what happens when I slack off for two months.

But it was such a nice two months.

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