Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday hopefully will be better

The universe does not want me to go to the gym. Sunday: it pours down raining and I don't want to drive in that. Monday: physical therapy appointment. Tuesday: a wreck on the Interstate snarls up traffic so bad that even though I take back roads, I miss the class and pretty much the hours of operation.

Today the online class technically starts. Three essays to read every week, and we're supposed to write 5 - 10 poems along with a paper by the end. *Gulp*

I also figured out yesterday that raspberry iced tea--while good--is not good at 6pm when trying to reestablish the sleep routine. No chores this morning since I got up late. An hour in the morning used to be enough time. Is my house that filthy? Am I moving slower? Is it just readjusting my daily schedule? Regardless, Tuesday left me with two rooms left to vacuum and daily chores uncompleted. But nothing is piled up like it was on Sunday.

But cleaning Sunday went well--as in I made headway into the pile ups. I also made a decision to use natural cleaning products. I could say that I researched and decided it was better for my health and environment, but why lie? Truth is, I ran out of chemical degreaser that wasn't doing jack on my stove crud. I didn't want to go to the store and remembered vinegar was supposed to work. It worked, but lemon juice got my teapot unsticky from greasy ick. Looks like new now. So now I'm getting empty spray bottles and researching to see what I should mix up.

So while I have a free minute, it's time to start on homework.

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Jazz said...

Hmm, I know that Vinegar and newspaper will make your windows sparkle. White vinegar and Baking Soda will unblock the sink. I learn't these from Kim and Aggie. Don't know if you get "How Clean is Your House?" over there. If you do, it's worth a watch for the tips alone.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Non-toxic Home Care lists what you can trade out most of the junk under your sink for, and most of it is cheaper too. The bonus is they give formulas: how much to mix in the spray bottle for an all-purpose cleaner.

I'm sure HGTV or BBC America have either than show or a knock-off version, but I don't have cable so I have to do Internet or book research.