Thursday, June 07, 2007

First yoga class!

Yeap, I finally made it. It went well, I didn't damage anything, and will go back next week. Hopefully, next week won't be anything like this week. Anyways, I feel good only my neck is tight and that's a big improvement from all down my back.

I was planning on going swimming Saturday, but there's no money for gas until Monday, so I better save the driving for Sunday and work. Which, is really a good thing, because I need to work on the Educator's Guide that I didn't get to tonight since I had to cook lunch for tomorrow.

So finish websites and make headway into the Educator's Guide. And hope beyond home that the constant calling my name is almost over at work.

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MerylF said...

Yoga is fun, and the good thing is, eventually you can do it at home by yourself :)

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Well, me doing any exercise alone at home has not worked. :) Class is fine for now. I doubt it will get much larger as the summer goes by.