Sunday, June 03, 2007

And just that quickly

I'm off schedule again. It must be some sort of talent, or a curse. I haven't decided yet.

Good news: I think we're caught up with the switch over to the new system at the paying job. Just a word of advice, next time bringing a new system online and changing how three divisions work, log in some weekend hours so you don't have to worry about new stuff piling on top of the old stuff waiting. I think I would have liked earning my 6.5 hours of overtime on a Saturday or the Monday we were off, rather than every day last week.

Other news: I think the schedule may have opened up enough to let me go do exercises. The gym at SLU offers both Tai Chi and Yoga 3 to 4 days a week during the Summer schedule, and when I can be reasonable sure I can get there for the classes. I don't want to start anything high impact and I'm not well enough for weightlifting, so I think even one of these two classes would be a good start.

Bad news: My house is practically and completely upside down. I really need to get it into shape so I can concentrate on other projects like writing, the tape migration, and remodeling the bathroom.

Actually I'm not being fair to the house. Most of the chaos is limited to the kitchen and office; the other rooms need tidying that is normal. It's just I got off my cleaning schedule back in March and haven't managed to get back on it. And the massive doses of caffeine the past week haven't helped. Another reason I want to go to the gym today, to wear my ass out to sleep good and wake up on time.

So looking at the writing schedule, I'm supposed to work on Alt. BM Site today, which I never got a chance to start. I think the Library's changes are done for this update at least. I will need to spend some time on the Alt. BM Site, mainly because I haven't yet, and changing things with Drupal always makes me antsy.

So I guess the plan for today is to the list the house chores, and work on the Alt. BM Site between them until about 5pm when I go workout. *Shrug* At least it's a plan.

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Jazz said...

I can sympathise with the new system at work. We had this done at work three years ago. We're still working the bugs out. Says alot about companies that buy cheap inefficient comp systems.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I doubt it has been cheap. The company building it moved into our offices over a year ago. The nature of the beast did change; it started off only for one division until they realized they had to tie the money (my section) into it.

Me I think it's more like bigwigs not understand computers enough to keep control of the project (some who have retired during the course of this). Then one whole division getting old dog syndrome (You are not going to make me learn a new system. We are not getting a new system. The old system works perfectly fine. Oops, they turned the old system off, how does this thing work). And the builders not following through beta testing protocols. My section being the only ones who beta tested anything.

MerylF said...

I think it's SOP in every company to dive into a new computer system without ACTUALLY checking that it works first. Same thing happened to us.

Jazz said...

Hi Kindra, email addie is or, take your pick.

Talk soon,