Saturday, March 17, 2007

Why I picked this department again?

I'm just a little disgusted right now. I think I ate too much at lunch and now it's disagreeing with me. And I opened up my email to find that the struggle to the post office that ended up making me late for work was all for not. The professor doesn't believe the Dante paper is ready for publication. Yes, the same Dante paper that nearly killed me last year.

SLU puts out the Pick, a publication of student school work. Well, a couple of the people who work on it are in my Wednesday night class and said they needed more graduate student submissions. So I said what the hey, I'll turn that one in. Maybe somebody will see it and do the idea the justice I don't seem capable of.

So then it was a struggle to get the damn thing together before the deadline. And then I find out I have to have the instructor's approval. And because I have to work when Southeastern wants to conduct business, I had to mail it to him the same morning I had to stop and get more glucose monitoring supplies. Yes, thirty minutes late to work. All that insanity to find out it's not up to academic snuff.

I feel like Adam Sandler's character from the Wedding Singer: "That information would have been more helpful YESTERDAY!" Only in my case, the end of Spring 2006 semester, so when I pulled it out I would have MADE the edits that it apparantly needs.

It briefly sent me into the "I'm no academic, why do I even try" spiral. Luckily, that didn't last long. I'll take the damn paper to class (which is what I had decided to do before I found out the deadline was yesterday) and let a group see it. I feel sorry for my group. They don't know what to make of Zy's novel, and I'm getting really tired of saying "yeap, I did that to fix it in the second draft." They probably need a finished academic paper to polish.

In good news, I realized that I haven't put up February's totals.

Zy's Novel

Progress Bar from Writertopia


Progress Bar from Writertopia

I finished the cooking scripts in March and I need to finish a couple of homework assignments, so March's numbers already look better.

In case anyone is interested in seeing the cooking show: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 (which is having uploading problems).

Enough bitching and moaning from me. I have a lot of homework left to do as well as get some other things finished so tomorrow is free to build stages.

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