Friday, March 09, 2007

Hopefully with a couple of Aleve's it'll all be better

I feel like crap, paying job is setting my teeth on edge, and even the London Symphony orchestra playing classic British rock songs isn't helping.

After I switched Strix soundtrack CD for BMFM soundtrack CD, I finally dug out music to inspire Zy's novel. Nothing has really sunk in yet. However, I did get a beginning to the cooking show scripts started yesterday. I think a fair bit of it is going to have to be improv, and oddly enough I'm more at ease with that than actually following a memorizied script.

Also I have a couple of editing projects that need to be done. One a homework assignment, and the second is a paper I'm going to submit to the Pick (a journal for student papers Southeastern puts together) that I will take to class next Wednesday to give them something to revise. I don't think they're getting Zy's novel and it's really too rough to benefit from any revision at this point. Anything they point out is a "I did that because I have to go back and figure out mannerism/language/pysiology/planet after I get the first draft done" response. I'm tired of saying it even.

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Mez said...

Yeah, you're at a tough point for Zy's novel. You have to find the fun again! Which I know is har when the world is shitty :)

Hang in there!