Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nope, turning thirty didn't kill me

It just got really ugly at work for a while. Ugly as in mail pouring out of our ears. And since I do most of my blogging at work *shrug.*

Healthwise: hormones seems to be under control so far. Not loosing any weight, but I'm not trying to either. Finally got my sleep back under control, though that was a simple fix--I was drinking too much caffine and it was keeping me up. Haven't felt the need to rip anyone's head off when I got upset (and last weekend was bad with that).

Writing: Breaking Bejamin's CD "Phobia" is part of the soundtrack for the Strix universe. Listening i the car and things started falling into place--especially on the backstory I had gien up on. Ferris is a nerd from the 1950s, and I'm picturing a guy like Stuart from the Frighteners.

But I'm not working on that until I get some work on Zy's novel done. I'm in Chapter 10 now, practically to the part that has never been written before. But the paying job swarmed and I haven't accomplished anything. I just went through my CDs and I don't have anything for Zy's Novel. *headdesk* My plan is to do some longhand composing today and get me into the mood. If I get through the first point on my outline, I'm going to reward myself with some Strix stuff.

Things to remember to do:
  1. Check trunk for Mary's dishes
  2. Check costume closet for Merlin outfit for Scarlett

I keep forgetting when I go home. Price for actually getting up on time.

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