Saturday, March 24, 2007

Turtles in a half shell...

You know this Friday night movie thisng is a really good idea. There's a Rave theater I must pass on the way home. They usually put a show I want to see at 5pm or 5:30. I swing in after work, see the movie, eat supper, and go home at a not too unreasonable time. This was also how I saw "Pan's Labyrinth" and probably how I'll get to see "Bridge to Terabitha" and "The Last Mimsy" pretty soon before they go away.

So last night was "TMNT," all CGI and not fighting the Shredder. The funniest part was running into two pals I hadn't seen in months at the same showing so we got to see it together and eat dinner afterwards.

Thoughts on the show. I'm ready to see it AGAIN! But I did have four issues.

1). You so totally didn't need the narration at the beginning. Yeah it was Laurence Fishburn, and I'm sure some studio head asked for it, but that time could have been better used focusing on character stuff.

2). Leo and Raph have been sparring partners and training their ENTIRE LIVES. Sorry, I can't buy that when the fight between Leo and Nightwatcher went to fists and feet, that Leo didn't recognize Raph's fighting style until the helmet came off. And CASEY recognized Raph but none of his family did? Though my friends and I came to the conclusion that Splinter knew but was waiting for Raph to admit to it.

Though the above in no way takes away from the awesomeness of that fight.

3). The Mayans didn't have metal for armor. That just annoyed the historian in me in the beginning sequences. I like the design of the 5 Generals and could have excepted that maybe they had figured out this thing called metal armor, but even the guys they fought looked like medieval knights on foot. Meh.

4). TOO SHORT! More Mike and Donnie would have been nice and some what's her face and Leo interaction would have been good too.

There's was oodles I liked.

A). Mike's skateboarding sequence. That scene alone proved why this had to be a CGI movie. There's no way--even if it was Tony Hawkes in the suit--that could have been done live-action with a stuntman. The fight scenes were just even more added bonus finally getting to move like they should.

B). Patrick Stewart and Sarah Michelle Geller's performance were stellar. Course I cracked up the first time Winters opened his mouth, cause all I could think of was this was the only way to give Patrick Stewart hair. I bought Sarah Michelle Geller as April.

C). The 13 monsters are cryptos. The little red one Raph fought is supposed to be the Jersey Devil, and we're guessing the first one they fought is supposed to be Bigfoot. Want to see it again, so I can figure out the rest.

D). Splinter is a fan of "Gilmore Girls." I can't wait to tell my sister who is a fan of that show. LOL

E). April's yellow catsuit was a nice homage. Poor girl will never get away from that color will she?

F). I want the soundtrack.

It's a good movie, even for those just wanting an action film. Chad's willing to wait for DVD *eye roll,* but I'm going to see it again.

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Mez said...

We haven't been to a movie in months, so maybe this is a good one to see. Hmm, I must get the live action ones out and watch them again.

Sharp said...

Why am I not the least bit surprised that you saw this before I did? I hope I get to catch it, but with Kay, I'll probably have to wait until DVD.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

My mother won't let me take Atticus. Says it will be too loud. *Pout*