Saturday, March 26, 2011

Relevant Knowledge was the culprit!

I don't know where I picked up the stupid data-mining program, but it was on my list to deal with later since it wasn't affecting anything, just giving me annoying pop-ups at odd times.

So I made a new profile and still couldn't see any websites with Firefox. I finally found the instructions on how to run it in safe mode and walla! websites again! Pulled up my old profile, ran in safe mode, and huzzah! websites again! So one of the add-ons is the culprit.

So I see my list and find an add-on for Relevant Knowledge!!! Okay this bitch must die now.

There are various instructions on how to do this by hand and be sure it is gone. While still operating under Windows XP, I had no problems running Revo Uninstaller, so to be sure it will run on Windows 7, I downloaded the 30-day free trial for the Pro version. Zap and Relevant Knowledge is all gone. Firefox works out of safe mode and I am a happy camper again. I have a spare profile should I need it, and now I'm updated to Firefox 4.0 and I have to get used to the new layout.

Next on the list: finish the Triangulation entry and start laundry.

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Sharp said...

Congratulations! Pinning down malware and getting rid of it is a rare and fulfilling treat.