Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Murphy is a rat bastard

Yesterday started off deceptively well. Got enough sleep, got up nearly on time, worked on Mealte's language, balanced the checkbook, and left the house mostly on time. The worse thing I was considering was the possibility of raiding my savings for a fill-up before the next paycheck, but the budget was holding steady and I would have savings available to do that rather than go into red.

Then my engine noise changed and it sounded like I was dragging something just as I started across the I-12 bridge over the Amite River. My first thought was I had picked up something in the construction zone. The battery dashboard light turned on and I got off at the next exit.

Everything looked normal under the hood. But I found a dangling belt under the car, no bigger than the cord to the computer mouse, but frayed and broken and had descended from the engine. No real surprise because I was told exactly what Rizzo needed back in December and belts were on the list, but I was putting it off until the money looked better. I called into work and left a message, then back tracked to the mechanics in Denham Springs.

The good news: while waiting on my car, I finally reached creating adjective and adverbs. They were able to replace my serpentine belt and its tension pulley because most of it was missing (and probably what i heard dragging under the car on the Interstate).

The bad news: paying for the repair has put me in the red by at least $157.

So I crossed my fingers that I can borrow the difference until my next paycheck to avoid overdraft fees, at lunch, dealt with the monthly aggravation and went to work. Where the computer decided not to log me in. It's been a to-and-fro job for the new guy in I.T. because he didn't know and didn't ask me about the special issues with my computer. :p

I finally was able to work at 3:00. I ended up not leaving until 4:30 to finish the biggest batch. Dad loaned me the money, and I got to work on time today. And two of my coworker's computer come up with the same issue I had yesterday.

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