Monday, March 07, 2011

Automatic Timer and Me

Due to my ability to sleep through noise, I put a lamp on an automatic timer to turn on to reinforce wake-up time. This morning, it went off first and I don't know how it managed that. This is the second timer I've tried and now it's off-sync with the other clocks too. The first timer wouldn't always turn on when it was supposed to as well as getting out-of-sync.

Is it because the outlet is upside down? Whatever the reason, it worked in my favor this morning. I got through my whole morning scheduled routine!

I wish I could say the same thing about the weekend. I finally got home after 8pm (didn't leave work until 6pm, nasty weather, ate supper, nasty traffic) and what greets me at the door besides Mustard?

[Pic of kitchen ceiling and floor]

Water from the sink to the fridge following the gap in the ceiling. It reminded me of a water balloon fight without the plastic bits. My roof leak has expanded. The back bedroom got wetter than normal too. The buckets I have set up where halfway full and a splash zone of nearly a foot and half surrounded them.

Aside from the fact that I have no money for a roof, I don't want to put a roof on to tear it off when I rebuild the back half of the house. But I can't keep letting water in.

Tarp time? My fear is like with all the sealant we've put on the roof the water will still get past the barrier. *HEADDESK* I don't even know if the blue tarp people are still in business. Is there such a thing as a temporary roof?

Saturday was spent watching the kitchen leak (which didn't leak again), making pretty graphics, and budget number crunching because my income tax refund came in sooner than I had anticipated. Sad to say my splurge was to buy WinZip. Sunday I finally got to the Triangulation entry story. I think I have the transition now, but I still need to clean it up and make sure I make all the points I need to. This morning I finally got back to language creation. Hopefully I can work during lunch, but so far the day has been swamped.

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