Monday, November 08, 2010

Weekend ARGH!

I am without phone service and DSL until Bell South/AT&T decides to finally send out a technician and give me a dial tone without harsh static feedback. That will be between when I reported it on Saturday to 6pm Thursday.

I wish I could report that I got so much done with my enforced offline status, but I'd be lying. Basically I took last week off of everything but housework. The dust bunnies are in shock.

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Merrilee said...

At least you can ignore the cleaning now for a bit and spend the time writing :D

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Not really. I have company coming this weekend. And then the commute of two hours last night ate my brain. I hate when it does that.

Today is looking slightly better, once I wake up. Tuesdays are slow and I can hopefully finish the new scenes in "Covenant of the Restless" between lawsuit entry.