Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday's weather is ironic

It's a drizzly mess today, perfect for staying inside and shopping online. Too bad I had to come to work. The trade off is I have Internet access here.

Parents got home Wednesday night about 11:30 with sister and nephew in tow. I sacrificed writing time to spend time with Atticus since my parents and his mother need to have frank discussions and I never get to see the kid. Frank discussions have yet to take place. *headdesk*

On the computer front: Dad doesn't know if he has any spare motherboards or not and could really care less compared to what he'd rather do (reading the two weeks of newspapers that piled up and football watching). The spare DSL modem that he's not sure works or not needs a power cord that neither one of us has in the correct voltage. *headdesk* Sunday, I asked for his laptop so I could get access to Quicken once again and figure out how to spend my December paychecks. That's STILL not done because after visiting the extendeds Atticus wanted to play board games with Aunt Kindra and we watched the first live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie plus three Biker Mice From Mars episodes. By then it was both our bedtimes. *headdesk*

Since I got work so insanely early, I thought shopping for motherboards would be a good idea. Apparently, I need more education because I don't recognize any of the terminology and I left the manuals for what I already had at home. I just bought RAM last year; I'd like to continue using it but can't remember the specifics. *headdesk*

So this is what kind of Monday it's shaping up to be.

Oh this looks really helpful: Computer Shopper's Complete Guide to Buying a Motherboard. Actually, I'd rather be on a current pizza commercial with this. In the commercial, the mom rattles off what she wants in a pizza and the choices shrink. I want to upgrade the motherboard to 2.8 GHz processor that's still able to run the old parts I'm keeping. I don't know why that isn't a check box for those requirements. ;)

Time for me to get to work on the paying job.

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