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Doctor Who: The End of Time Part Two

Okay, so I'm a few days late getting my notes typed up. I've been busy trying to meet the Tin Man/Alice crossover challenge that I don't know will actually happen.

The Master knocked on the barrel four times.

Outside shot of Gallifrey during the Time War. Gallifrey is SO wrecked.

Timothy Dalton is Lord President. Natch.

O.O Okay, it probably isn't any big surprise with anyone with half a brain but Dad and I had a conversation over Nine's tears when Tree lady figured out he was a Time Lord and thanked him for their sacrifice. "Dad, he's responsible. Whatever button had to be pushed to end the Time War that ended up killing the Time Lords and the Daleks, the Doctor pushed it." Dad never got past the Doctor isn't supposed to sniffle. Well, blonde lady at the table admitted that was what happened right before she got zapped. And now after seeing the whole thing, I think the Doctor didn't cast the net as tightly around the Daleks as he could have but made sure to snare the Time Lords.

I like the Visionary. She's my kind of mad seer.

The Master is having too much fun with the multiple copies of himself.

Wilf, don't antagonize the crazy Time Lord.

Master about the Doctor: "He loves playing with Earth girls!" Okay, helpless guffaws for the next half-hour.

The Doctor winked, Donna's defense mechanism, wow!

The Doctor's offer: it's not enough for the Master, not with the drumming driving him. SLASH ALERT!

"The rhythm of four, the heartbeat of a Time Lord." -- You manipulated that moment to make the Master crazy? Yeah, I also suspect voting fraud when you replaced Romana.

Master: "The drumbeat is coming from the end of time itself!"

The Doctor: "You know what I find amazing about you. After all this time, you're still bonehead stupid!" -- I need this as an audio file.

Wilf: "God bless the cactuses!"
The Doctor: "Cacti."
Male green alien: "That's racist!"

The Doctor: "WORSE RESCUE EVER!" -- also set off the giggles forever. Reminded me of one too many gaming sessions.

Wilf: "But we're in space!" Later, "I'm an astronaut."

The Master's body was born out of death and all it can do is die.

Pearl Lady: "I was lost so very long ago." ARGH! From "Journey's End" to now, Ten has repeatedly not taken a companion usually commenting "I always lose them." This does not help in identifying Pearl Lady because Susan was his first companion and he left her behind, and Romana was also left behind.

The Doctor: "I'd be proud if you were my dad." Okay, this is where my knowledge of Classic Who fails me, but I have a niggling sense that what has slipped out, the Doctor and his father were estranged long before he stole the TARDIS.

Wilf: "Kill him first."
The Doctor: "That's how the Master got started." -- I'm sure you had good reason, but boy doesn't that explain the hate-on for 800 or more years. And if you're killing someone who can regenerate, why didn't you FINISH the job? This is was the first version of the scene in The Ten Doctors webcomic but Leela understands the concept.

"Gallifrey rises!" -- And I just know Creation is fucked.

Two that voted against are to become Weeping Angels? Well, that certainly explains the Weeping Angels ability to manipulate time and how they want to feed off the energy of the TARDIS. Course that also raises some question marks about the next time the Doctor runs into the Weeping Angels. Does he know that his people were turned into them? Can the process be reversed?

Time Lords to spare! Yes, the Master is still trying to get a gazillion or more regenerations. You know this whole problem could have been avoided dear boy if you had regenerated instead of deciding it was more fun to make the Doctor cry. Oops, Timothy shut down that plan and saved humanity from being the Master forever.

Just in time for when planets collide! *Headdesk* You guys built black holes and you can't come back without putting two planets on a collusion course. Don't you know what that will do to Gallifrey's already wrecked real estate? Oh, Timothy reveals the true goal and it won't matter.

So exactly what do beings of pure thought and energy do if there's no matter around to play with?

And the Doctor has to live with pushing the button twice. *Squishes Ten*

Pearl Lady was one of the ones who voted nay and the Doctor recognizes her!

Timothy is Rassilon! Nailed it. Oh now, you should have told the Master you were sorry for making him crazy. Have fun zapping them inside the Time Lock.

Wilf is knocking; crap EVERYONE knocks four times. But that, oh that hurt.

Well, I think this is pretty good for a death/regeneration scene. Course the only one I remember seeing any footage of is Four trying to avoid the Watcher and then they merged into Five.

Donna: "Did I miss something? Again?"

Martha and Mickey got married? And Mickey finally butched up. I like it.

Luke and Sarah Jane! And at this point, I realized Ten is saying good-bye to his adopted family of Earthlings. *Sniffles* See Sarah Jane is always right.

JACK! And all the alien species we have seen so far that weren't outright baddies. GEORGE! okay Alonso. Started looking for Mitchell, before remembering that he had shot a historical movie about post-Romantic school of painters in between Being Human series.

Joan Redfern's granddaughter.

Donna and Shuan's wedding -- aw, he did the lottery trick again. And Sylvia has mellowed into an actual human being. "Borrowed a quid off Jeffrey Noble." Still like "Ten Years Later" the best. Wilf asks who Pearl Lady is and the Doctor looks at Syliva and then Donna. Now this is fuel that Pearl Lady is actually the Doctor's mother, and they didn't show the Doctor Who Confidential specifically for this episode, but people report that's who they say she is in it.

I'm a little disappointed but mostly ambivalent. Truth any of the three could work with everything shown. What disappoints is that I was one of the few fans who liked Eight's admission in the movie "I'm half human. On my mother's side." Not that be really NEEDS a reason to be an Earthophile (RTD stole my omnisexual so I'm borrowing this), but I like it for why he keeps watching out for the human race, why he gets so proud of their accomplishments, and so angry at their failures. And after Gallifrey falls, Earth is the only home and family he has left.

Doctor went back to see Rose and Jackie at New Year's 2005. And Jackie mention Howard the mechanic with the tow truck that opened up the TARDIS panel. :D That was nice and tidy and poignant without having to deal with the deal with Doctor 10.5.


The Ood! Across time and space.

TARDIS does not like radiation. Time to redecorate again.

"Still not ginger!" LOL

Observation of the night: the older the Doctor gets, the younger he doesn't mind looking. I think this was a point brought up in "Time Crash" which I still haven't seen thanks to bloody too high of pricing on DVDs.

Next series preview: Weeping Angels! I loved that alien species and maybe I will get my questions answered.

The Doctor uses a gun? I have to see the context for that scene.

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