Friday, November 07, 2008

Number Crunching 134

Quicken Cash Flow = 1313.97
STEF Total = 320.69

Enter receipts into Quicken: Done.

Reconcile Quicken to online accounts: Reconciled.

Add totals to spreadsheet: Done. I also made the changes I figured out in Number Crunching 135, adding the Your Money or Your Life exercises to the GFD zero-balanced spreadsheet. Printed out.

What did I accomplish during the week? Too much eating out while participating in NaNo. But fuel expenditures came under $50.00. I can afford to go to work again.

Your Money or Your Life Exercise: Skipped due to NaNo.

Plans for next week:
  • Set up bill payer.
  • Use the free ATMs.
  • Cook food and eat at home.

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