Monday, October 13, 2008

Not an Idiot This Week

The week is young. I don’t want to recount the pain that I have already put in the Number Crunching posts. I think I’m still in recovery from that. Mom and I are still feuding. Dad came to talk to me about it, and I found out she started making up shit.

IF I hadn’t told her exactly what I had bought (and transferred the money out of savings for, don’t miss that fact!) and wouldn’t bother me as much that she’s going around telling people I earned NSFs for buying a $0.25 candy bars. Second off, when’s the last time she bought a candy bar? You know at least, my obsession with making things up is correctly labeled FICTION!

Fine, she was hurting, didn’t listen (never listens), doesn’t want me over there, wants to be a bloody hypocrite as in do as I say and don’t pitch a fit when I go around spreading lies about you, and I won’t get an apology for her blowing up OR the lying which of course she didn’t do. :p I remove myself from unhealthy situations. I’ve been coming straight home and eating leftovers.

On the bright side, Friday night, I ended up calling Kai and Atticus tried to show me his octopus over the phone. It’ll be really cool when he learns some volume control of his voice and how to aim into the phone microphone. LOL I heard “hello” from him a lot.

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