Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Today Over With Yet?

Stop the world, I’m going to HURL!

That hasn’t worked yet. I don’t know why I think it will work now. Today started off so well. I got up on time, got my writing and planning done, got lunch packed, left for work on time, successfully filled up tank and avoided traffic mess that could have made me late.

Then I had to call GMAC Mortgage and find out what was up with the letter they sent.

They don’t tell me to turn off automatic payments so there’s the October 1st goof-up. They tell me to do a stop payment. My credit union doesn’t tell me to cancel the stop payment when I want to pay GMAC again, so the payment I made October 11th was also stopped. Why it took until today to find out was due to me ignoring the harassing phone calls that I’m getting because I’m in default despite being in a repayment plan to fix said default. So I missed the phone call asking what’s up with October 11th. I THINK everything is fixed now, but I still had to redo the stupid repayment thing for the third time and I’m waiting for notification from the credit union that the stopped payment is canceled.

So yes, I’m alive. The weekend was fun, up until I spent too much money on groceries. I think I’m going to survive November. If you want to see the NaNo decision, read Discipline Under Fire.

Oh, and I HAVE been keeping up with finances, but I keep leaving the finishing posts at home and then forgetting to post them when I’m there.

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