Friday, November 09, 2007

Why Do I Plan Anything?

So I can be disappointed. :p

While I'm not one to willfully destroy someone else's property, I think I understand the whole toss-his-shit-into-the-yard scenario better. Only my motivation isn't anger. We aren't living together any more and it's in my way and he's putting off dealing with it. It's supposed to happen tomorrow now. Sheesh, you'd think he would know I'm not going to do anything that would land me in jail and if I was tempted my weak moment would be when in all that horrible non-resolution mess. To put another way, when I want a straight answer, that's when I feel like beating the shit out of someone and everyone.

Got the emails done, the thesis plea just now. I think I was concise and nice, but not grovelingly. I'm not against begging as a tactic, I just like to save it.

So the crossroads are such: a) he says "no" and we find another solution or b) he says "yes" and proceeds to send my stories through copy-edit hell according to rules I can't find in my MLA Handbook (and no they haven't published a new edition since the one I own). Which may give him something else to look at beside the fact that I am a genre writer and I will not be writing the pretentious bullshit that is usually the results of MFAs. Oh well, have to wait for the ball to come down in order to run with it.

In other weirdness, while doing Google image search on Elizabethan cross dressing not only did random pics come up from Eric Burn's proposal to Wednesday White from Websnark but also the Ideal BookWorm from this blog. I had Moderate Safe Search on because I was at work, but still? I figured mine because I have been talking about that topic for the paper, but I don't remember anything about cross dressing in the proposal.

Weekend plans are tentative: I need to get the prescription filled and since the doctor changed the amount again, I better talk to them in person about it. :p I also have been trying to get two specific books out of the library for two weeks now. Need to get that off my list. And the money stuff. But it's a long weekend! I just have to go to school on Monday. But in all likelihood that doesn't help me since the money people I would need to talk to will be at home too. *headdesk*

And finish up the Frost paper. Any projects beyond that, I need to consult the lists. But that agenda is already feeling ready to roll. So I'm off to bed.

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