Friday, November 09, 2007

Random update

Yeap, I'm procrastinating. I will get to all the fun stuff I have to do but right this second I'm taking some me time.

In three months, I managed to completely derail the budget. I'm not surprised because this is what I always do. Now I have proof in black, white, and red. I have options (I won't end up starving and on the street), but I'm going to wait until I get home to further break apart my numbers. Plus I think I did some math wrong somewhere or set up the categories wrong or set up the spreadsheet wrong; and I'd rather spread everything out on the desk at home and make it match. Though from a glance, I had not budgeted in an emergency which of course happened. I know I'm being anal-retentive and all accountancy but if it comes down to me having to borrow money for hopefully the last time for consumer debt, low-balling it on a guess keeps me in the screwed-up-finances column.

On the other hand, maybe going back for an accounting bachelor's makes sense. :p

Kai is hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I will be out of town for at least a week. Course, this also means I should go find Atticus's Christmas gift. I'm the book-aunt and my mother has toys and movies covered. But I was thinking of waiting until his second birthday in July before getting him first readers (the nearly indestructible books you first give kids that they can chew on), so this Christmas would probably be adding to the classic to keep pile (which will get added to regardless, though I do need to get a list from Kai so I don't duplicate myself).

Now I'm worried that I'm not encouraging Atticus or giving him the thrill of having his first book that he can hold as opposed to Mommy has to read it. Parents, any thoughts?

Tonight is cleaning out the house of Chad's stuff night, provided they get through Baton Rouge. That based on my own traffic experiences is getting worse. I want a Tomtom now.

Things that must happen today: emailing one professor with my Elizabeth source for the long paper, emailing the other professor about the thesis issue (see Thesis Quest Part 1), and then shoving it all aside for Piper world-building which has been woefully neglected since I started getting my back fixed. Much like the Iron Experiment. This week has been insane, but Saturday I'm getting back into the workout groove. I have to decrease the amount of weight I've been working with though to keep the shoulder that is starting to get better from messing up again.

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Hal said...

You should get a TomTom - I have one and love it, it is so helpful! The new TomTom ONE XL-S looks awesome!!