Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New focus for accountability

Noting that this summer, fall, and now moving into winter has been big into self-reflection and trying to make positive changes in my life.
  • Started using GTD
  • Ended a stalled relationship
  • Losing weight weight through healthy eating and exercise
  • Figuring out my financial screw-ups and stopping doing them
  • Finishing school work and thus obtaining my Masters
I think that covers the list.

This isn't a woe-I'm-so-busy post. Most of the self-improvement has been spiraling out-of-control in a good way. But writing has been inconsistent. Just stating a fact. Some ideas on how to improve that I have already started to have. Changing writing habits is inspired by traffic woes more than anything else (brain not off until after the drive). Writing and eating supper in Baton Rouge while waiting for traffic to clear makes sense.

Then there's another vote for the Writing Tutorials to return. Which validates writing them in the first place, though honestly, I don't see how I have the time or energy to bring them back.

That train of thought jumped tracks to what about the grand plans for the writing life blog? Writing life barren equals lack of material. So how come other stuff isn't barren?

Leading to accountability.

The seed had already been planted by a Half of Me post recognizing the power of the nameless Internet mass has for keeping you to your goals. I'm doing better with watching weight knowing I have to report it. Exercise not so good on accountability and neither is money. So I need a way of accounting for them better than what I have now.

And then I started thinking about writing accountability.

The writing tutorials were a type of accountability as I worked on a story to prepare the next topic. I lost my way with them when I had finished the story and had a horrible time with sleep deprivation. And then I had the thought: could I do it again?

I over plan everything, which usually ends up meaning I can't stick to the plan, eventually, despite intentions. The fear I have of this is I'll get caught up in accountability and won't do what I need to account. Valid concern, I think. But here's my plans for accounting better on various topics.

Weight and exercise I need to post every day I do them, and the post should concentrate on health concerns.

Budget accounting should be a once-a-week post each Friday, the day I'm supposed to update Quicken and make sure everything is shinny. However, I don't think posting all the nickels and dimes is a good idea. So I will list the accounts in red or black type depending on its state, along with other financial news.

Writing accountability should use metrics and the word count graphs and writing life/tutorial posts.

It's a plan. The true test will come when I'm exhausted, have too much at home to do, but still need to write.

Just like tonight :P

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