Friday, February 22, 2013

First Thing I've Wrote All Week

It has been a week I don't want to repeat. We had the funeral on Wednesday, and everyone in our dysfunctional family behaved. My comment has been "We didn't have to take anyone out and beat them with a stick; it was a great service!" Here is the tribute page the funeral home put up for my grandmother with the obituary. We had 83 signatures in the guest book, so at least that many people came to a Wednesday afternoon funeral. She started thinking that no one would come toward the end.

UfYH helped me get on the ball as far as housework goes for this past week. The only things out in the kitchen are the water bottles I need to refill and put back in the fridge. Make-up that I put on for the funeral is still out and I need to put that away. And paperwork covers the writing desk in my home office. That's it. Given how I have (especially under circumstances like this where other people need more of my energy than I do) let everything go to the point where a marathon cleaning session is a must, this development feels HUGE.

I took Mom out for a spa day to help her relax and got my hair cut. My hair has an interesting characteristic when the weight of the length is taken off. It flips out like Mary Tyler Moore's. The student and hairstylist instructor didn't believe me until they kept using the hair dryer and brush to make it curl under and the hair would come off the brush the wrong way. A flat iron finally got it flat so I could leave the beauty school.

This morning when I woke up, half my head is still flat. The other half flipped out. :p

This is the first thing I have been able to write in a week. Just when I thought I'd have breathing time to write (just to keep my flow going, not expecting to produce anything useful), the phone would inevitably ring with Mom needing something. And I'm not trying to sound like a selfish bitch, but I need my coping strategy too! Object lesson for this week: write first before housework when the normal routine has been thrown out the window.

Weekend plans: grocery shopping and new cell phone shopping. Last Friday, the damn thing did not ring when Dad called and I didn't have it on silent. Then I plugged it in when I got home and the next morning it was dead. I think it was a battery issue because I got it to charge after checking it, but overall, I'm not in love with this phone so I should find one I like better. Also on the agenda: finishing the thank you cards and any other paperwork Mom needs help with.

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