Friday, February 01, 2013

February's Here Already

Time is relative, but I think that was the fastest January has ever flown by. So how did I do on my monthly goals?

  • Exercise 30 days in a row. – I managed 10 days. Exercise also doesn't travel well.
  • Cut out grains as much as possible. – No, I didn't stay away from the sweets like I should have.
  • CCFairy's homework is due Jan. 18th. – Done.
  • Finish all alien languages for Stellar Gift of Death - I'm going to run a day over.
  • Write 20 days on Strix: Forget the Sun - I have wrote and brainstormed, but not 20 days worth.
I could have done much worse.

February Boulders

  • Use BodBot for a month. – I want to kick up my exercising and push what my body is capable of. This web-app tailors exercise programs for you.
  • Cut out grains as much as possible.
  • CCFairy's homework is due Feb. 20th.
  • Write 20 days on Strix: Forget the Sun.
  • Read through Stellar Gift of Death and wiki catalogue details on aliens and locations.
  • Post all the TDKR fanfics.
Another do-able list; let's hope I get more done.

I had a good time this past weekend. I ended up playing a wizard, which I don't recommend after too little sleep and too early for cleaning. It was a fun adventure, even if we didn't get to finish it.

This weekend's plans: avoiding the Superbowl and starting Krista's wedding dress. And if Mom isn't up for sewing, I've got writing and housework to do.

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