Monday, April 11, 2011

I was more lazy this weekend than intended

Update from the last post: I got the car back on Saturday before the mechanics closed. And I have spent most of last week writing blog posts that will probably never see the light of day as I come to terms with the state of my finances.

Then early on last week, I noticed my left boob going sensitive, brush it with my arm and OW! what the hell sensitive. Then a boil's red spot appears on the side. These things are becoming a common annoyance, so I filed it under waiting until it needs to be lanced by a medical professional.

Up until Friday night when I rolled over on my left side, pressed down on the boob, nearly hit the ceiling jumping away from the pain, and chocking back a scream of pain.

I was at the clinic by 9am Saturday morning (as soon as it opened).

Good news: it is the boil infection and I got around of antibiotics for it. Bad news: the boil isn't coming to a head because the breast has all this fatty tissue it can displace instead.

Saturday I managed to work on budget paperwork. Sunday, I moved all the piles out of my office with the intention of working through them and putting them away. Yeah, I didn't manage that. Didn't get any writing done Sunday either. The boob hurt even without me touching it, hot bath and hot compresses to make it come to a head don't appear to be working either, I was sweaty and miserable, despite the comfortable temperature of my house--quite possible I had a mild fever.

Instead of working, I reread Justice Hall Laurie R. King and FINALLY started denting the taped episodes pile. I found Season 2 finale of Castle, the Season 1 finale of V, started on Season 3 of Castle and found which tapes shouldn't be taped on again because of the results I got the last time.

Yes, I do realize the whole point of taping them was to watch them at a non-sleeping hour NOT after the seasons were long finished. *headdesk* But I haven't turned on the TV in a few weeks, and then I feel guilty for not keeping up, so cue up the vicious cycle.

What I need is to see how complicated setting up a DVR on the new computer will be. But I keep putting that project off because of lack of funding. But then I do silly shite and forget to turn on the TV and MISS the rest of Being Human UK's season! Same thing with Bones, but I blame Fox for taking a month-long break which got me out of Thursday TV viewing habits.

I'm going to sign up for Episode Calender (once the "mentioned on Lifehacker" effect dies down) and hopefully that will help me keep the VCR and DirectTV programed so I can at least tape on schedule.

The boob still hurts today (I just popped two Tylenols), but the red spot had shrunk so the antibiotics are working. I didn't want to take today off too since I have Tuesday off, but depending on how uncomfortable sitting in an office chair is on my boob, I may head home early.

I have emails and comments to respond to--I'm not ignoring you on purpose, Sharp!--and hopefully after sleeping tomorrow, I'll feel up to it. Right now, have give the willpower to the paying job.

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Sharp said...

No hurry. I'll be on the Internet whenever you're available. ^_^

Sorry to hear that your lady parts are hurting. Sounds like you're taking good steps, though, so that's good to hear.

Have you considered BitTorrent for your TV shows? It shouldn't be too hard to find older seasons of all the shows you mentioned.

If you want to be "legit" you can watch the latest episodes of Castle and Bones on Hulu. For just a little cash, Netflix has DVDs of lots of TV shows, including everything you posted. You can even watch Bones online.