Monday, January 31, 2011

Strange Weekend

I ended up with a four-day weekend because I had an open revolt staged by my body: fatigue that I have never felt before coupled with sinuses acting like a cold or a sore throat was oncoming. I stayed home and dosed myself with Vitamin C and liquids. I thought I would go to the paying job Friday until I slept through all my alarms.

Saturday I got volunteered to help Mom and my sister reorganize the closed-in garage room so Mom can have room to go through the store inventory and decide what to do with it. The only issue I have is there was no clear plan for the boxes of items to donate. Me and sister voted for hauling them away right then, but neither of us knew where to take them. Those boxes ended up right back where they started so Mom can double check them. *rolls eyes*

I ended up with an old steel filing cabinet and a mirror cabinet thingy Mom is positive I can work into my house somewhere because I always need storage.

I am dubious of that claim.

The filing cabinet was a bitch to get inside, but it fit perfectly into the space I have had pegged for my eventual paper pantry. I moved the paper I had been storing in the not-made-anymore Sterlite Ultra drawers and consolidated so much of the spread out storage, I freed up one of the small bookshelves under the leg of my L-shaped desk. I took off that extension since it was broken, and rearranged the shelving. The I had to take the telephone jack apart to shift it so the shelves would fit. Then shuffled the books around.

All this after giving Mom four hours of heavy lifting. I told her that I wasn't moving jack-shit for the next six months. Though, I will break that if the opportunity comes to get my mother's furniture off my front porch so I can use it again.

Shuffling the office and the books made me crave for the built-ins I want to do but still not sure about. One reason for the indecision is money for lumber. Two goes back to how much am I going to change the house footprint when I remodel? If I add a room to be an office, why should I line cypress walls with shelving?

Sunday was a recuperation day by straightening the story folders. Which while needed to be done, took my focus from writing for the umpteenth day in a row. All I can do is hope my subconscious has been plugging away at whatever the problem is, because I have to finish the story while I still have time to edit. :p

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Merrilee said...

Yes, you do!

KLCtheBookWorm said...

:p I would have gotten more done yesterday only Lafayette Parish sent 132 checks with their lawsuits. And since I have to finish them, I don't know how much I'll get done on Tuesday.

If it snows on Thursday and I can't go to work, I promise to spend the time writing.