Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lost USB drive

Well, now I'm glad I didn't get any writing done at work yesterday because the USB drive I would have put it on is officially missing. *Sigh*

I had it at work and I thought when I couldn't find it that I must have left it at work. Nope. So it's either in the car somewhere, Mustard knocked it off the desk at home, or it got kicked somewhere really hidden when I kicked my purse in a fit a pique last night. The pocket I kept it in was open when I did and lots of stuff went flying out. I searched the kitchen this morning but didn't find it, so I'm thinking home office now. Since it wasn't on my desk where I expected it to be this morning, Mustard probably knocked it off thinking it was a great game or something.

Not losing data is the most important thing, but I still feel out of sorts, even though I downloaded the home computer files to a spare USB drive. What do I work on now feeling, even though I know perfectly well what to do. :p

Oh well, time to shake it off.

P.M. Update: Found it in a box of old computer stuff in the kitchen where it must have bounced when I kicked the purse. Good thing too, because I was about to accuse Mustard of having eaten it.

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