Friday, January 07, 2011


My baby sister is coming in for a visit, my nephew will just die (his words) if he doesn't get to play Monopoly again, I still have a long list of computer-Internet stuff to do, and I've fallen behind on writing.

Busy weekend for me.

Add to that, Mom is getting twitchy that I haven't announced that I have a second work-from-home job yet. Given that I couldn't apply until Wednesday and then I needed to get the updates, back-ups, and missing programs squared away; I think she's jumping the gun a bit.

Computer plans in no particular order:
  • Set up Thunderbird for all the email accounts I have all over the place. -- I haven't used it before, but I wasn't happy with how Outlook Express handled the email from the websites so much so that I quit checking them.
  • Clean out bookmarks and Xmarks -- Simply I have put this off too long
  • Make sure Quicken will talk to my bank again or at least accept downloaded files.
  • Check that I have everything for Convergys and reapply
  • Expanded the restored files from and archive
  • Make sure home server works
  • Plan out website updates.

Writing: I have a few paragraphs jotted down, but haven't been making my typing time a priority. I also haven't figured out what to write for the Triangulation submission. I should concentrate on that in between computer issues and lawsuits while at the paying job. :p

Yeah, that was a load od not fun earlier this week. For half of last year, we've been working on the lawsuit data entry thinking it would go away in January. Turns out the bill signed says we quit doing them January 1, 2012! So in turn we have to get bitchy with the program builders. Because if we have to use what they cobbled together to get us functional without some improvement, we're all going to go bald pulling our hair out.

That's pretty much it on my end. Later, gators.

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bek said...

I'm currently working on upgrading everything to Drupal 7. It is lovely! Drupal 7 that is, not so much the upgrading :) Red Planet is going to be the bitch to upgrade, the other ones aren't as huge.

Sucks about the lawsuit data entry :(

I have this great idea, stop doing some things so you have more time for other things! XD Wait what, second work from home job, how many jobs do you have?

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Technically, you could look at writing and all the website hobby stuff as two more jobs, but really I mistyped. I want a second paying job, preferably at home so I can get more that thing called sleep. Part-time again for that thing called sleep.

Didn't realize they had finished with Drupal 7. It's going to come down to which is easiest to do theme building in. I found Zen clunky to use.