Friday, August 06, 2010

The misson if you chose to accept it....

I didn't have a choice. I was down to 2 pairs of jeans that fit comfortable and one of those I can only wear around the house because of the holes in them, and another pair that fit sorta. I could close them, but they and my tummy fought about sitting arrangements. Both of the non-holey jeans are cut so the waist below my belly button; I'm just not sure if they're supposed to be hipsters or not.

So this means TORTURE clothes shopping.

First pair, the fly never could meet. Back to the store for another one.

Last week, I got a pair in the same brand and same style as the ones that fit but went up a size. Tummy should have more room. This was a lie because I had to do the lay-down-on-the-bed trick to get the fly to meet, and then the zipper pulled apart at the bottom. Pants off, fixed zipper, same thing. Pants off again, fixed zipper and it doesn't yank apart with my hands, put wax on zipper to oil it, same thing happens once on my body. Stuffed pants in bag to go back to store.

So this morning I was faced with the choice of sitting all day at the job in a pair of jeans trying to reach my spine while my tummy resists or go REALLY early to Wal-Mart and find a new pair of jeans. I walked into Wally World at 5:45am with "third time's the charm" vs. "three strikes and you're out" in my head.

So I ended up leaving with two pairs of jeans in two different brands and two different sizes. I think my assumption is if one doesn't work the other HAS TO. And praise the goddess of denim, the Just My Size FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only is my tummy happy, these jeans also have a waistband on my natural waist instead of my hips. They are too long in the leg (I nearly stepped on them after shoes were on) but that is NOTHING to hem. I can live life with two pairs of jeans fit for outside the house. :D

Weekend plans: I don't have to clothes shop now, but I do have to fix the caster on the dishwasher. Other than that and some other housekeeping chores, I need to respond to a lot of emails and write. Worse ways to spend the days.

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Astra Skadi said...

I have to do the sit-on-chair-to-see-if-the-jeans-gouge-my-stomach trick, when I get new ones. Though lately I've order 505 jeans (they have a straight waist with a regular cut in the hips) from the Levi's website that I've been happy with.