Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not like Mom can make

I really wanted biscuits and red gravy this morning. I baked biscuits from scratch, but my red gravy doesn't taste like Mom's. *Sigh* So now I'll have to ask her what the difference is.

Fun with test sites continued all weekend and looks like it will probably continue all week. Issue #1) Taking a full twenty-four hours to think of the simple solution to the database transfer problem. "Why don't you export the tables after the one giving you a fit in the import and just import that half?" Worked in about thirty minutes. Issue #2) All these codes and background programs use different symbols to tell the computer "don't run this." None of the instructions I have said anything about deleting the # in an Apache file. At least, that's what I'm assuming the issue is now. I wasn't able to test the hypothesis before I had to leave for work.

Guess what I'll be doing when I get home. :)

I'm fairly certain what stopped me when I first downloaded everything the instructions told me I needed was that the direction stopped making sense. *Sigh* I've been adding notes on my printouts in the hopes that I'll understand said notes when I have to do this again. :p

Repeat after me: this will all be worth it when I can play with Drupal modules without fear of breaking the whole damn site people are using.

Yeah, primary goal for this is to see if I can build a wiki for the Library. Secondary goal will be fixing the fanart process for Alt. BM Site since the module it uses now will not be maintained going forward. :p

Goal for today: Get the bloody announcement card finished so all I will need to do is print and mail. Everything else is bonus.

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Merrilee said...

I have NEVER understood american cuisine...bleauch. Biscuits and gravy? You people are nuts. Have a pie floater :)

I'm wrestling with Drupal myself at the moment *sigh* But it seems to be a lot easier than the last time I tried it.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Not sweet scones and tomato sauce, sound better?

Drupal 6 made great strides in make the upload and set up process easier for the non-programmer users. My biggest issues keep coming from how people write the directions to do things.

Fyn said...

wikitools + flexifilters + toc is what I'm using for Red Planet's wiki :)

Views + Panels for everything, have gotten lots of joy with it for fan art galleries and currently putting together uberprofiles, and the illusion of user galleries with them.

I'm hoping to upgrade Red Planet sometime this week, fun is going to be database merging :|

If either of you require drupal assistance feel free to yell, I know I've been absolutely crap at staying on the radar (can I please blame 3 kids under 5 for sucking? :)) but I'm always happy to help out friends :P

-bek :)

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Once I figured out how they had reconfigured Views when I did the upgrade between 4 to 6 :p That was a huge headache getting the pages that already existed in Views back. Figuring out how to CSS code my Zen themes was much easier and I still haven't ironed out all the bugs there. (I still don't know where the pink color is coming from for the Circulation Desk, and I really would like solid backgrounds for the forums but where is are those variable?)

I don't think I have Panels at Alt. BM Site. I do remember going through the discussions of pros and cons on how to create galleries and keep the user uploads and getting so hopelessly lost without even participating in the discussion, I left everything as is until I could figure it out at a later date. *Snort* Like next year.

Oddly enough, I don't think setting up the wiki is going to be that bad a headache. I just don't know how it will react to the forum and newsletter I'm already running with the Circulation Desk, so I decided to actually LISTEN and create the test environment before installing on the live site. Plus it's good for backups, yada, yada, yada.

Massive fail, trusting only the instructions in the Drupal handbook. *headdesk* Setting up virtual hosts: first it didn't work because the entire file was set up as "off" as far as the programs were concerned. NOWHERE did anybody say "oh yeah, you want to make sure you don't have this symbol # in front of the code." :P

So I got rid of that, and then another step went haywire because Apache broke and was unable to run until I turned off the virtual host for the Circulation Desk.

Once I got Apache back, I then Googled and found instructions for Virtual hosts and Windows XP and Drupal 6 from outside the handbook. :p That's was where I had to stop and go to work.

I'm hoping the issue isn't going to turn out I need to uninstall XAMPP from C drive and put it on the external hard drive where I'm keeping all the webfiles. I have a gut feeling that the programs won't run like that.

So aside from the fact that I think there's an untapped market for a Drupal for Dummies book/website/SOMETHING! out there, everything is going smoothly with it.

And don't feel bad about the whole keeping up thing. I need to hang out on Red Planet again and answer emails. :) And I don't have any rugrats to distract me.

Fyn said...

The forum is usually #forum if you're changing the background. If you don't already have Firefox + Firebug I highly recommend it :)

Windows sounds like a pita :S Good you got it all worked out.

I'd work off whatever drive XAMPP is installed in and copy to the xdd. It should find the files if you've pointed it there but copying over might work out less painful and then gives you automatic backups unless all your computers and the xdd fail at exactly the same time :)

Yeh trying not to feel bad but I think it's been two years or so, that's a pretty decent stretch :|