Monday, November 02, 2009

I need my Sunbeam timer

I killed this Sunbeam timer by getting it wet while washing dishes. After spending Sunday in the office with the much inferior Mainstays timer I bought to replace it, I'm now determined to hunt down this timer and buy all available stock of it.

The Mainstays timer is really good about shutting off to conserve power, which apparently was a problem for other users of the Sunbeam. Me, I use rechargeable batteries, so that was never an issue. What drove me over the bloody edge was the damn Mainstays timer does not pause the countdown reliably!

I depend on the timer to tell me to step away from the computer and go stretch/work on a chore/etc. otherwise, I will forget to do it and screw up my back worse than it is now. Fifteen or thirty minute chunks of time, but if I'm in the middle of typing and have to run to the bathroom, I don't want that to be counted as typing time. Some times Mainstays timer would pause. Most times it would send the countdown to zero to start over. Hulk smash time for me.

The kitchen only Mainstays timer (because you can only change it by pressing one button and that annoys me) saved the day. It may be irritating to change the time on it, but at least it pauses. So now I have a new mission the next time I go shopping. I just hope that the company didn't stop making it.

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Merrilee said...

If you're working on the computer, there's a neat little online timer at My Tomatoes...

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Except for not being able to depend on keeping Firefox open on the home computer (I'm having some issue with Javascript that I'm afraid I will have to reinstall it :p), and not being able to change the time on the countdown; it looks like it would work. *Sigh*

I like to mix 15 and 30 because it adds up to an hour, and then I can cross it off my daily chore sheet. I probably spend more time than that on writing, but I'm trying to build up the habit an hour daily.