Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Add ABC to the list

FOX actually was the first on the list, canceling Alien Nation the way they did. Syfy got on that list with creative scheduling of Doctor Who and BSG. Now ABC is on the list because next week's episode will be "the last episode for V for 2009."

What the FRELL? That's only four episodes, FOUR! I'm assuming that by adding the year in that they plan on showing the rest in January or February, but still...

What the FRELL?

And this is why I'd rather wait until the season is on DVD and watch it. Because I will make the time out of my busy life and watch a show I like religiously, provided that it becomes a habit. Get me out of the habit of watching it for a month, I'll forget about your show. And I like the remake of "V" so I really don't want to forget about it.

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Merrilee said...

I cannot fathom the agenda of TV programming.