Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay we skipped fall

Yeah, waking up to a temperature in the 30s degrees, that's not fall people! I spent an hour Sunday morning trying to light the pilot light on my living room gas heater. It refused. Made sure to put the electric blanket on the bed last night. Living room heater refused to light the pilot light this morning to, so I'll probably have to take it apart tonight so I can light it manually. Luckily, nothing was wrong with my electric heater for the bathroom or the oven. But I was hoping for a few weeks of being able to live without ACs or heaters and reduce the bills a little bit. And yes, I spent the weekend bundled in sweaters. I turned stuff on this morning because I had to get dressed before the sun rises. :p

I'm all caught up on housework, so I should have free time in the evenings to work on sewing. That was my goal for the weekend, so I consider it accomplished.

I even got to work on some computer projects that have been on hold, thought it balked at doing image searches for people I want to cast as characters. :p So I'm finishing those searches today at work. *Sigh*

Now if only time would go ahead and change. The quality of daylight has my body thinking 5am is 4am, so I'm sleeping right past when I should be getting up. :p

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Astra Skadi said...

It was Monty Python and Quest for the Holy Grail that said something like: Spring followed Winter and Summer followed Spring, and then just to confuse everyone, Winter came before Fall