Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday sucked but Castle didn't

I got home at 7pm-ish. Sewing and TV don't mix. I got two suit pattern pieces cut out of the tissue paper, and two basting seams sewn out of the six I needed to do. And I'm still trying to figure out how to keep the eyes from burrowing back into the fabric. Two hours of overtime at work at the end of the day when I've been up since 3:00 am is not good for me or the work.

I have boning now so plan tonight is to finish the corset and get the suit cut out of all it's fabric. According to pattern, I'm supposed to have outer fabric, fusible interfacing, and lining fabric. However since my jacket outer fabric isn't as heavy as they recommended, I think I'm going to ignore the fusible interfacing (I detest working with stuff anyway) and back the jacket body pieces with canvas. The collar will be reinforced with leather inside of it, which is a historical throwback to the bobby of London's uniform to help protect the neck.

Castle's Halloween episode sent me to a happy place. Castle actually solved the murder, making the leap that connected the dots. I haven't been playing much attention to counting who solves what, but I think Beckett has been getting more if they don't set a trap for the murderer to step into. And to make all the Browncoats happy, Nathan must have been in the Mal costume for a good five minutes of screen time.

I do have issues with trauma being the root cause of why people become vampires, cops, and crime writers. Though Castle refused to blend into that stereotype and laughed it off with "This is what I do." The other thing I noticed that in a lot of interviews and articles, they have been stressing how selfish and irresponsible Richard Castle is and how is daughter is raising him. But I'm finding his is a very good father, despite his unease of knowing what guys like him would do with a girl like Alexis.

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