Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nine years and six months

My supervisor had me look over a questionnaire she had to fill out for the higher-ups that listed how long everyone in the division had been employed. I had a "it's been that long?" moment seeing mine was nine years and six months.

Not a "holy crap" moment, but it does make me feel less bad that I have finally duplicated costume ideas. I didn't finish Tin Man Adora for today, which is celebrate Halloween day at work, so I reluctantly pulled out pirate garb. Then on the commute in, I realized that while I have duplicated the idea, I have completely replaced everything I wore. The only things I have left from that outfit is the jewelry and I didn't wear that today. LOL!

3:45pm: I got a plant for participating in the costume contest. Blah, I'm so ready to go home. The AC isn't cranked up high enough for the layers I'm wearing. I also need to call about the Friday night plans, finish sewing, sleep? I should probably get more sleep tonight.

But Mustard cannot knock the lamps off the nightstands anymore (his new favorite past time in the middle of the night and now both my lamps are broken). I tied the electrical cords to my bedframe so there is no slack. Too bad I didn't think of it when I only had one broken lamp.

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Merrilee said...

Pets and children are murder on the furniture :)