Friday, April 20, 2007

Pain is bearable

So what happened yesterday. I was running late, but was not tailgating. In fact, I had just congratualted myself on leaving lots of room in front of me. Had already called work and said I was running late. Car to the left in the median between interstate lanes, corner damaged, must have clipped the light pole. Brake lights. Me slam on brakes. Airbag in face.

Airbag defaltes and I get the car to the shoulder. Get out to get away from gritty airbag dust. Five or six people all asking if I was okay. Arms felt scraped, chest hurt, back and neck don't hurt yet but they will. Other car has only bumper damage and that mostly looks like my white paint. A Motorists Assisstance Patrol guy sees us from the Eastbound side and soon joins us. It's about 7:40 am.

Call work, call home. Mom calls Dad. Wait for cops. Wait for on-duty cops (yes, off-duty ones stopped and got our hopes up). Two sets of firefighters and a set of paramedics stop to see if we needed to go to the hospital. Later we find out that the radio traffic people say ours is an accident with injuries. A state trooper finally shows up. Oops you are ten feet too close to O'Neal Lane, you need city police. He forgets to call them in. M.A.P. guy has to do it.

Dad shows up. I call insurance, city police show up about 9:30 am. No ticket for me. Finally eat breakfast, and finished talking to insurance, have to go to the wrecked yards and sign a release so the body shop can get car. Arrange for the rental, get a doctor's appointment, starting to hurt.

Call Chad. At noon, Dad's gassing up at Denham Springs and we run into M.A.P. guy at the same gas station. Get rental car. Go to doctor. Muscle relaxers and ibroprfen and x-rays and appointment for next week.

Muscle relaxers make me loopy but I'm going back to work tomorrow. Go to bed at 7 pm, don't hear the phone next to the bed when Chad calls. Still going to work until I wake up at 2 am and can't move my neck without pain. Call in sick.

Today I picked up the living room mess Mustard had made by knocking over the table filled with board games and books. I have never seen anything scatter in a circular pattern before. And I finished shelving and correcting the BookCat database of obvious errors. I think I need to send them an email to find out how I can break my fiction into genres and create a printed report from that.

I also discovered I have two projects I want to do: How do you really do it? (which I will explain later) and resurrecting the Reader's Diary. I just reshelved 1247 books and found plenty that I haven't read yet. Also I need to be honest, if I don't reread them, do I need to keep them? And some of the nonfiction is just bizarre. Will I ever do anything on the Biodome project?

And the insurance called and my car is a total loss. So now I have to go buy a new one. Luckily, the settlement will pay off my car loan, so I'm not in the hole. But I don't have much of a down payment.

So tomorrow: call insurance, double check their figures. Call bank and get pre-approved for car loan. Then maybe go car shopping.

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