Monday, April 16, 2007

Getting back to normal

Things are returning to what passes for normal at my house. Saturday saw me get a great word count (4101) while crossing other things off the to-do list until I hit upon "clean office." That gave me the brainwave of moving the black metal shelves so I could move the tall filing cabinet so I could put a set of tall shelves where the filing cabinet once was. So now I need a new set of shelves for the living room.

Second point to moving shelves is moving books and putting the piles of unshelved books back in order. That ate up the time on Sunday, once I figured out how to get a report sorted by Dewey Decimal numbers out of BookCAT. Actually, shuffling the books around is the easy part, correcting the BookCAT database when I founf errors took time. I still have the 000s and fiction to do. The clean the living room and kitchen messes. At least the kitchen mess is unrelated to the rest of the mess.

Course it didn't help I found a new website to distract myself with: Cat-Tales. It's Batman universe fanfiction that takes the stance that the comics are tabloid versions of the characters. Selina and Bruce are together and know each other is Catwoman and Batman. Hysterica ensue, but they are good for each other. Some of the male Rogues Gallery descending to tell Bruce Wayne how to deal with Catwoman is still my favorite scene. COurse they all think she's toyinh with Bruce and Batman, and it's not really fair. Gaslighting the Joker so bad he checks into Arkham was a good story too.

Back to the word count, apparantly the contract is finally showing some effect. I finished a scene in Zy's Novel and then breezed through a scene in Strix, even typed up background notes and worked out what the vampires were doing and who they pretended to be timeline. I have to go back to Zy's Novel, but it doesn't seem too bad.

I also have a third project semi-started but I'll go into that later.

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