Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Decision Fatigue, this is a thing?

Create a Decision-Free Closet to Reduce Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue, this is a thing? As in there is a real reason why I can't face paying bills or writing or figuring out food for supper beyond crashing blood sugar and it's not just a manifestation of how worthless and unproductive I am as a human being on this planet? It's not laziness or worthlessness or any other derogatory term the Jerkbrain wants to come up with to experience contemptuousness over the rest of me? My brain is just TIRED, that's all, and that's not a fatal character flaw.

Luckily, my closet isn't the source of my decision fatigue since I've been using the Project 333 technique for a couple of years now. But this has implications for my 2016 schedule so I needed to put it down where I'll remember it.

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