Friday, May 03, 2013

Hot Bod Post 04

Well, it's been an interesting week. Last Wednesday I was diagnosed as an official diabetic. So Thursday April 25, I weighed and measured myself and restarted the SHRED diet with the intentions of following the exercise recommendations as well as the food. Doctor's orders: log blood sugar numbers before breakfast and before supper and take my prescription medication twice a day.

Weight189 lbs.
Neck38 cm
Bicep28.7 cm
Forearm26.2 cm
Bust116.8 cm
Waist105.9 cm
Hips117.6 cm
Thigh59.8 cm
Calf38.9 cm

I can safely say I went off the diet over the weekend, but it was a birthday party. I didn't gorge myself, but we have established that my stomach and my eyes have no idea what normal portions are.

Exercise hasn't been as consistent as I wanted. Thursday and Friday I did as close to thirty minutes on the elliptical machine as I could. Saturday my thighs ached but it was a rest day, so okay. Sunday, same pain and I had to get a massage. Monday, the pain receded to just above my knees and on Tuesday, my legs were back to normal but I was fighting a head cold that put me back to sleep for five hours over my regular eight. The cold has finally dissipated enough for me to consider working out this weekend. (I'm hoping; I still don't have much of a voice.) Each check mark that equals one point on the Joe's Goals graph below is fifteen minutes of exercise.

My weight didn't change, but the other measurements did.

Weight189 lbs.189 lbs.
Neck38 cm37.0 cm
Bicep28.7 cm28.3 cm
Forearm26.2 cm26.0 cm
Bust116.8 cm114.0 cm
Waist105.9 cm105.7 cm
Hips117.6 cm118.2 cm
Thigh59.8 cm59.4 cm
Calf38.9 cm38.5 cm

My fasting blood sugar is slowly coming down. For the past two days, it has been 173 and 191. I'm not sure if the medicine has kicked in or if it's my food choices and portion control, but I'm not going to stop either one now.

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