Friday, May 03, 2013

19 Things to Do This Weekend

Okay, so I started jotting things down that I need to do so I won't feel guilty about seeing Iron Man 3 (item #8) as long as money allows it. I reached the end of the sheet of paper and had 19 items. What the hell brain? What happened to our plan to do a little every day so the weekend isn't spent catching up on everything?

Okay, in my brain's defense, 15 items on the list are one-off projects that can only be done at home and hey, this is the first weekend home in a while to do them. The rest are usual chores that I have to do anyway and maybe a few items I can do while at the paying job today. But still, I made the list thinking five items top.

JIMM's birthday went off without waterworks and he racked up some really nice gifts. He's reached the stage of walking with support, so it won't be long before he walks without help.

My blood sugar hasn't hit the 200s since Tuesday, which was the day I was clogged with a head cold. I called in, took some medicine and then went back to sleep for five hours. I don't know if it's the medication (which I've only missed one dose of and I know I packed it, damnit) or if it's the diet. Either way, it's good news to fasten onto. Especially when the weight didn't budge.

And after researching a couple of yoga studios in Baton Rouge, I'll be getting a new yoga DVD either with this pay check or the next one. For the price they charge, I'd want to go to class at least three times a week. Usually the class that sounds like it will help the most is only offered once and then at times that don't work with my work schedule. A DVD is more cost and time effective, which is disappointing because I want to work with an instructor again. And I can test drive my choices via YouTube.

And now I've got 20 things to do this weekend. :p

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