Saturday, February 04, 2012

January's Done

The past two weeks have been off, so it's time to climb back on track. To start, see what I accomplished this month and set my boulders for February.

January Boulders
  • Take measurements Jan 1
  • Self-assessment for exercise
  • Research for Imbolic (Feb. 2)
  • Start reading 365 Goddess
  • Spending diary from Dec. 20 - Jan. 20
  • Finish "Stellar Gift of Death"
  • Update my NetWorthIQ badge
Monetary Concerns
I finished the spending diary boulder for January, caught up Chase Student Loan payments, took and out a new loan to pay off Republic Finance so they wouldn't sue me.

February Boulders
  • Finish taxes on Feb. 19th
  • Have a budget for Sherwood Faire trip before Feb. 15th
  • Update the NetworthIQ badges for Dec. and Jan.
Not on the same level as the boulders, I have budget exercises on the Big Rocks list that I need to do:
  • Set up Zero-based spreadsheets for 2012
  • Create a five-year financial plan
Take health seriously

I completed the January Boulders of taking my body measurements and self-assessment for exercising. But as soon as I started adding daily exercise into my schedule, I got the bad news stress courtesy of Republic Finance, and my upper back seized up in response to the point where turning my head brought tears to my eyes. So exercises is on hold until my back is fixed.

February Boulders
  • Find the best time of week to update
Spirituality Practice

The idea behind reading 365 Goddesses was to follow the suggestions for celebrating each goddess. That hasn't worked out in the morning scramble to get ready and I stopped reading it. I also didn't do anything for Imbolc.

Add to Pebbles
  • Read 365 Goddesses
February Boulders
  • Research Ostara
  • Make a new Book of Shadows
Fiction Writing

I haven't finished the first read-through of Forget the Sun and I feel like I'm stuck in Stellar Gift of Death.

February Boulders
  • Finish Stellar Gift of Death
  • Finish Forget the Sun's read-through and move to step two.
DIYLife featured a "snapshot of my life" that I liked enough, I decided to answer it like a meme.

Snapshot of My Life Version

Actual age: 35 years minus 20 days.

Age I feel: Present. Except for more physical aches and pains, I don't think the interior has changed all that much. I matured early.

How I look: Forever getting carded.

Marital status: Single and happy with it, much to my mother's consternation.

Short term goals: They're on my This Week I Need to Do list, and I'll spare you since most of them are above.

Long term goals: Remodel my house or at least get a new roof on it. Publish my original fiction. Travel more.

What’s worked recently: Sticking to my checklist for the day.

Things I’m trying: Breaking goals down by the month seems to be working.

Thoughts on Life: One shouldn't read a story about a cooking show when one is hungry.

Read Free!
The BookWorm

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