Sunday, June 05, 2011

Weekend over... what?

I thought I'd be posting about the nice new sink I spent two days putting together. Problem is it's still NOT together. 4 trips to Lowe's and I STILL don't have the missing proper part to keep the drain pipe from leaking. And the only reason I'm not going back to Lowe's right now is that they close early on Sundays.

*repeated headdesk*

Tomorrow morning will be spent cleaning up the construction mess. I'm too pissed off to do it without taking it out on my tools right now.

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Sharp said...

I've only just started getting a taste of home ownership since I started renting a house in February. I always knew owning a house was a lot of work, but now I can really empathize.

Of course, the problem is that my landlord tends to only buy used things and do things in the cheapest, easiest way possible. If / when I buy the house, I'm going to spend a lot of money redoing a lot of things.