Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Lat week Mom gave me three boxes full of clothes to sort out what I want. It aggravates me, makes me feel like I must be looking like a rag muffin for her to give me so many, and overwhelms me. Then I have to feel o grateful when it really makes me want to bite.

I still haven't finished the job because I decided to clean out what I already had in the closet and remembered what I had packed up last winter (only about two months late to start wearing summer gear). Here it is Wednesday and I STILL haven't reorganized my closet. Or finished the laundry because IT'S TOO MANY CLOTHES! I'M DROWNING IN FASHION CHOICES!

So Unclutter dropped a fashion idea I hadn't heard of before S.W.A.P. (Sewing With A Plan) or building a capsule wardrobe for those who are thread and needle challenged. And when I did a Google search on those terms, I found this site: Project 333.

They are my new best friends. I'm printing out the rules and starting a month early on the next 3 months (which I think should start July 1st).

When I get home today, since everything is out both winter and summer, I'm going to divide everything according to season and for the 3 month divisions. I'm actually excited about facing the clothes again. That feeling disappeared once I pulled everything out of the back bedroom storage. What ABSOLUTELY does not fit and I don't have a sentimental attachment to, is leaving the house.

Hopefully I can follow tonight with the post of what wardrobe pieces I'm keeping.

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