Monday, May 30, 2011

Two for two

Thank you to all our fallen heroes who paid the ultimate price. Happy Memorial Day to the rest of us enjoying the holiday.

It's been an interesting weekend, like a mild version of the Chinese curse. :p Friday, it finally dawns on my parents that they need to tell me what my paternal grandfather had done Wednesday that FINALLY made Dad put his foot down and tell Mom she wasn't going down to his house to help his father any more and consequently I don't have a second job any more.

It lasted longer than I thought it would.

By Sunday, the senile old bastard (and before I hear any grief about that, my great-grandparents and my step-grandparents were the ones who loved me and my sisters like grandchildren should be loved and they're all dead.) cut Dad out of his will because Dad wasn't jumping up to go help him. I don't feel sorry for him; he has spent a lifetime building up this karma.

Second not-good surprise: my aunt by marriage tried to arrange a blind date for me. I nipped this in the bud, but the real irritation--besides the why don't you believe me that I'm HAPPY single, damnit! feeling--was I told her that's not how I want to meet this guy. Mom and I outlined a plan that wouldn't put my on display and make all my self-conscious freak-out flare up, and she completely ignored it for a group thing with her church who I've only met two other members of! So who would have my back if it totally flopped? Bueller? Anyone?

So far, my weekend clean-off the project list task has been having the best progress. I cleaned up the outline for Stellar Gift of Death, put a door draft guard on my front door, found out that I can't put off dental work any longer and scheduled it for June, watered the big plants in the yard, cleaned the fridge and freezer and rearranged the shelves, cleaned out the pantry and rearranged the contents slightly, caught up on dishes, and have dusted 2 rooms. I still have 21 items on my list to do on top of my usual chores, but if they don't get finished, they'll be ready to pick up next Saturday. If I don't have a new second job by then.

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Sharp said...

I envy you your industriousness. I really do.

And, yeah, family can be really shitty. My father's mother cut me and my sister out of my father's will because we "abandoned them". (He was unable to handle it himself because of a stroke that left him inarticulate.) Epic bullshit. We all know she never liked us, because she never liked our mom. Anyway, it's a bitter way to find out your father has passed on.

On top of that, it turns out we were both supposed to inherit over $100,000. Guess who ended up with all that.

bek said...

Damn but you been busy. I hope you have some really, really boring weekends with nothing to fill it up but writing coming up :P

KLCtheBookWorm said...

A lot of the industriousness was the housework hitting the point of DEAL WITH IT NOW for me. Monday was not so much for my stuff since I got pulled into helping Mom gut their master bath and install a new toilet.

Family dynamics: From the stories I have been told, there has never been a will followed in any branch of the family. I've come to the conclusion if you don't settle it before you croak, you should have an impartial lawyer with a malicious streak to be executor.

All that aside, I bought my house because I saw the gathering shit storm over who gets what and I did not what strangers ending up with my great-grandmother's house that my great-great-grandparents built.

The delicious irony of it all, the senile old bastard is so used to buying affection, he really thinks his fucked-up-with-all-his-probably-illegal-schemes estate is something to hold over Dad's head after a lifetime of emotional abuse.