Friday, May 13, 2011

I keep forgetting my camera

But the view of the Mississippi River from my office building is pretty awesome (in the quake in your boots way). I keep forgetting my camera even after I tell myself to bring it, hopefully Monday I'll remember to pack it.

Luckily, I live in Hammond. My house isn't in any danger from the Mississippi flooding it or from the measures the Army Corps of Engineers will do to save New Orleans and Baton Rouge. However, I work just a few blocks from the Big Muddy. As you can see on this map.

I want the levees to hold because our disaster plans relocate the Department of Insurance to Alexandria, and despite what those in charge of making the disaster plan think, it is NOT a commutable distance.

Here's a link to a PDF file the Advocate put together showing the spillways they are discussing on the news on a map. I need the visual. Speaking of visuals, here's CNN's Open Story iReporters and regular citizens sending in their footage.

I don't know if the true scope of this is felt yet because it is so slow. The Red Cross will need money to operate shelters that people will be depending on for months. So if you can spare it, think about all the communities from Illinois to Louisiana along Old Man River's route.

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Sharp said...

Jesus. This is the first I've heard about all this. Crazy. I don't think any of my family will be flooded, thankfully.

Also, did somebody really suggest you commute to Alexandria? That's nuts.

bek said...

Decent sized river, that. Hope work doesn't get flooded :S I'm going to have to look up where Alexandria is compared to where you are but I'm going to assume it's far with your statement of not-commutable.