Friday, July 23, 2010

Tropical Storm Bonnie

Tropical Storm Bonnie should be making landfall Sunday. *Crossing fingers* Hopefully, it won't intensify. It will be going through the oil spill zone. Though luckily they've been having trouble finding oil floating in the Gulf since the cap has allowed them to catch up, the radio DJs just told me.

I still think somebody needs to invent the submersible rig from the Abyss. Underwater operations could continue, even if the ships had to skedaddle.

Saturday I'll probably have to spend cleaning the porches. Hopefully, I can find the parts I need for the dishwasher today so I can get the pile of dishes cleaned before I lose power. I have a generator now, but I'd rather not turn that on just to do chores. *SNORT* Looks like I won't get the plate rack built this weekend either.

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