Friday, March 20, 2009

Words epic!FAIL

I finished Battlestar Galactica 45 minutes ago. Still reeling from it. If only one of my projects ever turns out half as epic as that did, I will consider myself blessed.

I do have to add, perfect ending for Tory. Also makes me curious about the other crap she's pulled in the 2000 years. Galen wasn't buying her moves when she first tried them, and then his laugh when Anders revealed they had been an item.

And I can't participate by listening to anyone's discussion because the computer still has no sound. I haven't tested that out fully, but the theory I'm leaning toward is I need a new soundcard. So now I'm off to play with TiddlyWiki some more as I start to wind down from the high.

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fondfire said...

I confess, I was really not entirely pleased with the resolution of BSG, but heavily supernatural explanations leave me cold . . . I'm not going to let the ending ruin the fun time I had in getting there, though . . .

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I think one of the best comments from Galactica Water Cooler's podcast was "if the angels had been like that when I went to church as a kid, I'd still BE in church."

The head characters working for a higher power, "All Along the Watchtower" as a hymn just kicks ass, the fact that the cycle may not be over; all that works for me. Starbuck the White turning out to be a head character for all humans and Cylons, not so much. I still think her daddy was a Cylon.

Course I still think my favorite moment was when Boomer offed one of the Simons and took Hera. I crowed at the TV "Bout time one of her betrayals worked in our favor!"

Astra Skadi said...

It had it good and bad points. I think I would have been a lot happier with the second half if there wasn't a species that was related to human already on the planet - with no explanation of how they got there. Though it made a lot of sense that they never showed the first "Earth" from space and nothing was said to confirm that it was our Earth.

All in all, I'd say Kara was a changling/spirit guide. After all, she was a hardcore polytheist, her mother kept telling her she was special, she had miraculous events happen to her that lead the entire fleet, and she could fly - a viper, that is.

I wonder if "Vipers" were a reference to snakes, snakes being used as a symbol for pagans? Gods, I'm going to miss the one decently polytheistic show that's ever been made.